PDC | Digital

A clear definition of objectives and measures is vital for a successful digital web project, including SEO, social media, campaigns and online sales.

Regular analysis and reporting help you maximise the output from your digital project.

You can decide which are the ‘Key Performance Indicators’ we can monitor and improve; the measures that will reflect in improved business results.

From an SEO point, using keyword analysis tools can help you to focus on the topic areas which give the greatest return, and at the same time have fewer competitors. Individual keywords are no longer the key focus for a web presence, but content is. Advanced analysis will help you to decide which content to develop.

We find that regular reporting helps us to find opportunities for continuous improvement. Regular monitoring is important to check on the quality of backlinks, and remove ‘toxic’ links that would hinder web performance.

It is also valuable to set up a plan for social media publications and to measure how these online communities develop.